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Updated: Apr 26

This was shared one of our members Arraizando Healing. Eva has asked me to pass it along to see if any of our clients our community members may be interested in participating. See below for more details: One of the members of EVAWI’s Survivor Voices project, Mary Simmerling, is a writer, and she is collecting sexual assault survivors’ poems and short prose pieces to publish as a book. She is passionate about survivors being drivers of the anti-violence movement and making their voices heard. This is the second anthology of survivor writings she has put together.


We’re helping get the submission announcement out widely to survivors. Would you share this with your network? It would be wonderful to include their voices in the book.


I was also wondering if this is something you would want to consider being a part of.  You’re a brilliant writer.


Below is more information and links for submitting materials.


Gracias, y un abrazo fuerte,




PS-- I love the logo for Arraizando Healing.


AWA PRESS ANTHOLOGY: We've Got Some Things to Say

We've Got Some Things to Say (forthcoming 2025) will be a collection of poems and shorts prose pieces written by survivors of sexual assault. The name of the anthology was chosen to address and take on some of the most common and harmful questions and comments that victims of sexual violence are confronted with when they disclose that they have been sexually assaulted. Some of these harmful victim-blaming questions and comments take the form of "what were you wearing," "why didn’t you scream," "why didn’t you fight back," "were you drinking," "did you know the person," "I thought you were dating," "why didn't you report it," "I know that person and they wouldn't have done that," "why didn't you go to the police," "you must be mistaken," "aren't you two married," etc. This book will help to expose the false accusation that often hides behind these questions and comments. Specifically, that the assault was somehow the victim's fault. 

Writers may submit up to 3 pieces of either poetry, creative nonfiction/memoir, or a combination of those genres. (No fiction, please!) Poems should be single spaced and no longer than 50 lines, including stanza breaks. Creative nonfiction/memoir pieces should be no longer than 750 words. Shorter pieces are appreciated. 

The deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Pacific Time on June 30th, 2024.


Two Ways to Submit Your Work:


Google form (for pen name submissions) - (Note that Mary Simmerling is the only person with access to these submissions, and she will personally remove any real names as requested by the person submitting before sharing anything with the editorial team).

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