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Wilder Wellness, LLC

Kimberly Christian, LMHC has "survived one of the most difficult years" of her life and is ready to share some exciting things that have bloomed from being buried/planted during this difficult time. While divorce was no where on her radar this time last year, it is now official. With that, is an upcoming name change that she wants everyone to be aware of before it is official. Soon her name will be changing to Kimberly Wilder, LMHC. Her private practice that will continue to operate out of Trauma Healing Collective and will be called Wilder Wellness, LLC. Again, not much will be changing for her clients except for getting used to her new name. She is also officially an EMDR consultant and facilitator with Connect EMDR.  While this will involve some additional travel for trainings, it should not impact her clients at Trauma Healing Collective/Wilder Wellness other than the schedule changes she has already been working with her clients to make.

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